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Development history and technical advantages
Shanghai Huishen Chemicals Co., Ltd.
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Shanghai Huishen Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional chemical enterprise integrating research, development, and customized sales of fine chemical raw materials. The company has a number of OEM factories in Ningbo, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places, and cooperates with many scientific research institutions, backed by senior industry experts, strictly implements scientific operating systems in many aspects of process monitoring and quality inspection, and implements a modern enterprise Management, and passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification.

The company is mainly engaged in the development, research and sales of fine chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, dyes, pesticide intermediates, electronic photosensitive chemicals, flavors and fragrances, daily chemicals, and natural product biochemicals. Its products are widely used in pesticides, medicine, dyes, electronics, photosensitivity, perfumes, inks, chemical additives, daily chemicals and other fields. The company’s self-developed azelaic acid product (industrial-grade content) has an internationally advanced technology, which fills the gap in the domestic large-scale production of raw materials; the 3-mercaptopropionic acid product produced has reached the international top level in iron ion treatment; Products such as the iodine series and benzonitrile series are superior products at home and abroad, and have been unanimously recognized by customers, and they have large-scale industrial production capabilities that only a few have in the world.

The company adheres to the "quality-oriented" business philosophy, continuous innovation of advanced technology, unique craftsmanship and meticulous scientific management to ensure the uniqueness, safety and effectiveness of product production, and has won a good product reputation at home and abroad. Spend.

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